Workshops, Conferences, Presentations, …

December 2023 4th HeiTüHo Workshop, discussing the paper The green metamorphosis of a small open economy by Evi Pappa, Florencia S. Airaudo and Hernán D. Seoane, Tübingen

October 2023 3rd Lille-Reading Workshop on International Finance, slides, Reading UK

September 2023 VfS Annual Conference, slides , Regensburg

May 2023 WIMFEH, discussing the paper Measuring Inflation Expectations using Twitter Data by Benjamin Born, Hrishbh Dalal, Nora Lamersdorf and Sascha Steffen, Berlin

February 2023 Research seminar of the German Council of Economic Experts, Wiesbaden

December 2022 3rd HeiTüHo Workshop, slides, Hohenheim